Eleven month old baby milestones

Eleventh month milestones of your baby

Your baby is now leaving babyhood and becoming a child. As she is approaching her first year, she is becoming an independent toddler. Even if she has not started standing, cruising or walking, she must have found ways to move and is on her way to be on her feet. She can crawl in lightening speed and you cannot catch her. She moves from being a passive observer to joining you in games like peek-a-boo. She has left babyhood behind.

She is now learning to take care of herself. She can now feed herself with a cup and even feed her own dinner. When you are dressing her, she may push her hands through the sleeves or even stretch out her legs when you bring her socks. She is learning to help herself. She knows what to do and what not to do.

Many babies start uttering her first words (more than mamma and dada). She is exploring with her voice. Her babbling sounds are more like words now. The best way to enhance her language is by talking to her more and more. But you need to pay attention and listen to her too. Do not ignore her. Respond to her gibberish. Give her a chance to express herself. When she tries to explain something, help her. For example if she is showing you her doggie, say “you can see a doggie”. This will help her to grasp the sentences. Make it a game for both of you. Learning will become easy for her.

Try to make her vocabulary huge. If you are asking her to give you something, open your hand and ask. She will understand that you are asking for it. It will help her to understand what you are saying better. She will learn faster in such a way of gestures and words together.