Five month old baby milestones

Fifth month milestones for your baby

Your five month old baby loves to play peek-a-boo. Hide and seek games are a big hit and it leads to giggles. This giggle means she understands that she is out of your sight. She enjoys hiding away from you and loves it when she is found.

Another game which you can play with her at this stage is to help her identify things which are partially hidden. She can now distinguish small items and colours. She can also track moving objects. Try buying her moving toys. It will help her with eye coordination. She will be able to follow it with her eyes.

Your baby’s vision and hearing senses are fully developed by now. This is a five month milestone achieved by your baby. The name which you have been calling her since such a long time has become her. If called by her name, she will turn and look. She will recognize it as her name.

Her head control is stronger and there are new motor skills developed. She tries to find out how things happen. She also lets you know how she is feeling. She makes it clear whether she is uncomfortable, bored or mad by crying, squirming, kicking or all three. She wants things as per her wishes now.

You can see her showing strong attachment toward you by raising her arms as to requesting you to life her, or even crying when you are leaving the room. With strangers, you can see her shy and clingy. Please do not force her to strangers. They may be her grandparents. But do not force them on your baby. She will be scared. Ask them not to pick her. Keep her in your arms safely and then ask strangers to cuddle her. Try to give her love and protection. She needs them.